Vendemmia Joyero and Rolex



Vendemmia Joyero’s history dates back to its founder’s childhood, Vicente Vendemmia, who at the age of 11 began to work at a small jewelry workshop as an apprentice. In 1934, he decided to open his own store in the city of Mendoza: Vendemmia Joyero. Combining the ancient art of goldsmithing with state-of-the-art technology and unique designs, the brand immediately became a market leader.

Years later, the company embarked on the sale of watches with Rolex.

Nowadays, the Vendemmia family holds onto the same passion and values that have portrayed the brand for years: experience, professionalism, commitment to quality, exclusiveness, and the avant-garde.

ROLEX AND Vendemmia Joyero

Vendemmia Joyero has developed a strong and long-term relationship with Rolex since the brand became part of the business in 1964.

The company, specialized in the sale of Rolex, has 3 stores in the province of Mendoza with a qualified staff willing to showcase every design in detail.

Vendemmia Joyero in Mendoza, Argentina is proud to be a member of the global network of official Rolex retailers, authorized to sell and carry out maintenance of Rolex watches. The company can ensure the authenticity of your new Rolex and cover the international five-year guarantee with the required expertise, skill, and technology.